Comic 11- Throwing things = Thrown out!

I FINALLY got my computer back! And since I’ve been itching to get this comic finished, I did so tonight 😀 Here you go!

The inspiration for this one came from a question asked by the NAR staff on their facebook page about things people have had thrown at them. Obviously, being in the phone industry, I’ve had a number of phones tossed in my general direction. This particular incident happened not long after I started working for the company I’m at currently. I had long hair then, thus, the long hair 😛 It amazes me how little patience some people have. Its as if they’ve never lived without a freaking phone before. This guy literally could have waited 3 days and spent $10 to get a new $460 phone…freaking idiot…

Well, it looks like I have a request to work on as well. I’ll get on that soon. In the meantime, anyone else like a comic? If so, leave me a comment or like my Facebook page and tell me your story 🙂


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