Unnecessary violence…

New comic at the end of the week! Sorry for the delay, I’ve had to work the last several days and I have a few more to go before I have another day off (we’re talking 9 days total…meh, not that bad, just not good for hobbies)

Anyways, speaking of work…We had a customer in today that I had helped yesterday. It was an older lady, probably in her late 50’s early 60’s. She ported (I.E. transferred in phone speak) her phone number from her current carrier to our service. Now, when porting a number between carriers, you can only have one phone active at a time with any number on one service. It’s literally not possible to have two phones with the same number, even though you can technically have two numbers on one phone. We have to explain to customers before we complete the port that as soon as their phone number transfers, their other service is going to shut off, and that the number they want to transfer must be active. After telling this woman THREE times do NOT cancel your service, she finally stops trying to call her current provider to cut her number off…I then went through the shpeal about how her other service will cut out. Well, apparently she was completely NOT paying attention and just assumed that both of her phones were going to stay on with the same number…

She walks into the store today as I’m outside cleaning some gunk from a display off of the windows. As I’m spreading goo gone around on the windows and scraping the gunk trying to get them clean, I can see one of my fellow sales associates, then my floor manager, debating with this woman over something. All of as sudden I can see (though I still can’t hear anything) the woman flapping her arms as though she’s screaming. My assistant manager comes out at this point, trying to calm her down. Suddenly she storms out of the store and beings screaming at me. Before I can even begin to comprehend what it is she’s screaming at me the assistant manager comes out and grabs me by the arm saying “Backroom. NOW!!!” As he’s leading me through the doorway, the woman tried to jump me. She misses, and my manager quickly shoves me to the back and tells me he’ll tell me when it’s ok to come out.

I am, of course, utterly confused at this point as I have absolutely NO idea what’s going on, why there was so much screaming, or why the woman tried to attack me. I do as I’m told and sit back there until I here the ok to come out. The floor manager then explains to me what happened. Apparently, she had assumed that because we had a 7 day trial period on our service that that meant her old phone would stay on for those seven days. Despite the fact that she was trying so hard to cancel her service the day before, she was upset that she got cut off when we took the number from her other carrier. Even though she hadn’t had our service 24 hours, she was demanding 4 months of bill credits. That’s right, 4 months…for her other phone shutting off of a service she despised and was going to cancel anyways. When management told her no is when she started freaking out. At that point she started saying I was a lying bitch and apparently what she was yelling at me was “YOU TOLD ME NOT TO SHUT OFF MY SERVICE DIDN’T YOU?!?!” Which yes, I did…so we could get your phone number from the other company…the reason she apparently didn’t get it the first time? Oh yeah, she was too busy doing other things and yelling at her ex to take in anything I was actually telling her…this is my fault…how? And how the hell does that justify trying to physically attack me at my job, where I can’t defend myself without risking my job? When I came back out, other customers were asking me if I was alright. I guess it looked like she’s hit me.

After my Assistant manager nearly literally threw her out, she left, demanding the information for the area manager so she could report all of us for our horrible service. We gave it to her, and lo and behold, she was back later that day when the area manager was there. All of the sudden she was the sweetest, most innocent, “horrendously betrayed and humiliated by our company” one day customer ever…Seriously? Earlier you were trying to maul me, and now you’re playing the miss-mistreated-and-unjustly-given-poor-service card? BULL. SHIT. The manager just let her return everything so we wouldn’t have to deal with her again…

I’m honestly not sure why we didn’t call the cops, because we probably should have. In all the years I’ve worked retail, I’ve had people throw things, knock stuff over, threaten, finger point, bang counters, break doors and glass in angry rages, but this was honestly the first time anyone has targeted me personally and try to do me bodily harm. What the hell is WRONG with people? I’m never going to understand how some people’s minds operate… You’d think there was a switch or something, because the speed that some people change moods is seemingly impossible…

I give credit to my assistant manager coming out to help me and get me out of harms way before something bad happened. It had to have taken a lot to not punch the bitch in her ovaries…and my area manager for telling her the service clearly wasn’t for her (I.E. we don’t want your ass as a customer if you’re going to be pulling this crap, bitch)…I can only imagine what would have happened if I had not been working when she tried to attack me. Just a future note for anyone dumb enough to pick fights over stupid bullshit- you never know who might be hiding a weapon in their packet/purse/glove box. I have a conceal permit. Yes, I DO carry when I’m not at work in any place that’s not a government building or serves alcohol, and I have the right to defend myself. Don’t do anything stupid and risk the consequences.


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