Comic 8- And this is why the next generation is completely screwed…

Crystal, a young lady who works at a grocery store, told this story on the NAR Facebook wall:

I felt like I had to post this here. Happened today at the market. This woman had three kids running around in front of me and they turned onto an aisle but one of the kids, who was about ten years old, knocks a sign down causing it to fall and hit me in the face! Now I’ve got a scratch near my eye. Just wonderful. And this woman freaking ran away with her kids from the scene! Some parents need to watch their kids! Never play games or get rowdy in a market!

I owed her a comic request, so here’s her comic!

You can iew the NAR post here:

It amazes me how parents will entirely neglect to discipline their children, then when the kids get in trouble either run away or defend them as though they did nothing wrong. This generation is completely and utterly useless thanks to useless parents…

I still have two requests on hold, and i’m hoping to have them done by next weekend.

I am still taking requests 🙂 Anyone interested in me drawing a comic for you? Just tell me your story in the comments!


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