Pyramid Schemes…

I haven’t had time to draw anything new lately, though I have two or three on back burner for when I have more time. However, to make sure I have something posted on here, I have a rant about someone from today.

I understand the economy is in the toilet, but I am seriously getting sick of obnoxious sales morons attempting to lure me into pyramid schemes. Maybe it’s the fact that I have such an honest, caring, and semi bubbly (I.E. “happy”, but often mistaken for idiotic) air about me. That’s just how I am- consistently trying to find the positive in everything. However, I am NOT the type of person you want to piss off…and that’s something that is seriously difficult to do, despite my consistent sarcasm and hilarious comics about morons. The most annoying part of it all is that they always seem to want to do it WHILE I’M WORKING.

I had a guy today, came in, conversation of him switching to our service seemed normal. For the first few minutes things were going well, then he started asking me questions about things like how much I made and what I ultimately wanted to do for a living (as if that’s any of his business). Then, we closed. Being that he was already in there, I couldn’t get rid of him and he knew it. I continued showing him things in the hopes that my intuition was wrong and that he really was going to buy a nice phone with all of the accessories…He finally started walking towards the door when he threw that “do you want to make so extra money at home” bullshit on me. No, asshole, I don’t want to pay you to find out how to make more money at home. If I’m really that damn good, why don’t you pay for my expenses and when I make that money back in a week like you say, I pay you back? Thanks for wasting 30 fucking minutes of my time AND making me stay when I should’ve gone home 20 minutes ago. I essentially said that, just nicely as if i was interested and with a “naive” smile on my face. Jerk walked out and didn’t say anything.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m flattered when a regular who I’m familiar with recommends I try something or apply somewhere, but if you’re trying to suck in some bubbly moron desperate for cash, a salesperson with several years experience isn’t a good target, and a place full of salespeople isn’t the place to do your recruiting. We know all of your lame, annoying tactics because, trust me, at some point or another we’ve been trained in them. Whether or not we choose to use them is totally up to us. I choose not to. I get rewarded consistently for my excellent service. You’re walking around like a used car salesman trying to get them to do what you’re doing so you can take a cut. FUCK. YOU. YOU. FUCKING. FUCK!!!


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