Sorry that took so long…

Not that anyone’s really paying attention to me anyways, but for the few who were actually watching and waiting for a new post, my apologies on it taking slightly more than a week. I’ve been without internet for the last 5 days, and that makes posting new material a bit difficult 😛

Anywho, At this current point in time I currently have two requests on my plate that I should have done this weekend. After that…well, I’m going to need some more requests! I suppose I COULD just keep drawing things about my own personal experience, but I can say with approximately 99.5% certainty that I’ll tend to get a little boring as subject matter after a while. After all, someone can only talk about themselves and crap that happens to them so much before seeming like a pompous,  self centered ass-wipe (>.<)

So, in the event that you do happen to have a funny story, won’t you share it with me? I’d love to draw something for you. It keeps me from going completely insane…

On a side note that’s got absolutely nothing to do with this blog, a turtle nest apparently hatched in the parking lot at my job, resulting in me picking up and bringing home 7 baby yellow-bellied sliders so they wouldn’t get run over on the busy streets around our parking lot. I realize that keeping them in captivity is a cruel thing to do, so I do plan on releasing them in a couple of days…

I’m such a sucker for adorable, tiny little creatures (>.<)


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