Comic 6- We’re DOOMED!!!

Because the future of the world is in the completely incapable hands of people like this…

NAR post:

Can’t read it? View a larger version here:

Drawn 06/06/2012

A look into our future…

Well, as much as I love and respect teachers (and actually want to be one one of these days), there are FAR too many freaking morons with college degrees flooding the system. This is a prime example of what will happen if we keep letting these idiots teach in schools…

This comic idea was that of my stepfather. He repairs copy machines and other tech equipment and he says this is one of the most common issues he gets called out to job sites for…and more than once it’s been an educator who didn’t know how to open a freaking packet of paper…

More requests to come!

Have an idea for a comic? Comment with your story and I’ll draw your request!


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