Comic 3- Because stickers make you racist…

According to this woman, at least…

Drawn 05/13/2012…

According to her, anyway…

I still have no idea what the hell the woman’s problem was…My first attempt at actually coloring something in a LONG time, so please excuse the sloppiness. I feel like the race card is thrown out FAR too much nowadays. It causes more harm than good. While I will admittedly probably never understand the struggles of a black person in America, I HAVE BEEN a minority of another country (I lived in China for six months).
One of my favorite quotes from Morgan Freeman:
“You want to end racism? Stop using the word racist.”
Comic idea? Suggestions? Post in the comments section!

2 thoughts on “Comic 3- Because stickers make you racist…

  1. i worked in retail also and i totally understand lol. i had customers flip for no reason. i was a cashier and one of the store policies is that once the customers gives the money and the cash drawer is open, we can’t accept anything else… so this guy gives me his money, my cash drawer is open, and he says he wants to change the cash he had given me to something else, i politely told him the policy and after i finished telling him he said “why is that because everyone is dumb and stupid!” what an ass!

    • Hah I know the feeling. Sometimes people will complain about the dumbest things…I don’t think I’ll quite understand the mindset of an annoying customer. I firmly believe everyone should work a job in customer service. maybe then they won’t treat other people like crap…

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