Comic 2- Like a BOSS!!!

No, really, like a BOSS!!!

Because he IS the boss, and, well, some bosses are just badass like that…
Can’t read it?

Originally drawn on 05/01/2012.

Because some bosses are just awesome like that!

So, the story behind this one is that my coworker and I were trying to clean up out front after closing. This guy comes up and starts pulling at the doors. We motion to him that we’re closed. but he keeps banging on the door. We finish up, and go in the back. Then he starts beating the crap out of our payment machine. My boss, who had a bad day already, decided to take it out on the guy outside. IT. WAS. AWESOME!!! My coworker and I were in the back room freaking out, wondering if we should call the cops, when my boss comes in and just sits down as if nothing happened…we heard pretty much the entire thing because the payment machine is accessed through the back office.

I love a boss that stands up for their employees and doesn’t just bend over and take it. How is your boss?

Comic idea? Just submit a comment below with your story!


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